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REFLEXOLOGY is a method for activating the healing powers of the body by working on specific areas of the feet. There is a principle that energy zones run throughout the body and reflex areas in the feet correspond to all major organs, glands and body parts. It is a non-invasive complementary therapy which aims to optimise physical and mental health by working on various reflex points.

Reflexology can help many things including sleep and relaxation which in turn reduces stress and promotes general wellbeing. With increasing amounts of stress in daily life, reflexology is one way in which we can help ourselves by taking care of our own healthcare needs.

Prior to your reflexology treatment you will have a full consultation which will enable us to discuss the best sort of treatment for you and allow you to talk about the reasons for your treatment.

HOT STONE REFLEXOLOGY enables the warmth and pressure of hot basalt stones to provide deeper relaxation and an enhanced reflexology treatment. It is incredibly relaxing and the warmth and feel of the stones on your feet and legs will stay with you for a long while after your treatment has finished.

AROMA REFLEX incorporates the use of aromatherapy oils into your reflexology treatment. These oils enhance the treatment by absorption into the body to enable treatment and healing. The oils are personally blended for the treatment and your current needs of the day. This combined with Hot Stone Reflexology is the ultimate in luxury and indulgence.

BABY REFLEX is a specially adapted form of reflexology for babies and is carried out on the feet. It is a very simple and safe way of helping baby through some everyday ailments. The three session parent training course encourages a natural bond and is a non-invasive therapy to promote good health. It will enable parents to have the skills required to treat their own baby.

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